Day 1

Location: McDonough Hall (map), rm 202

Wednesday June 27, 2018



8:30 AM        Check-in/Breakfast

9:30 AM        Conference Welcome and Overview

Speaker: Justin Mendoza, MPH (Public Citizen)

10:00 AM      A Vision of What We Want to Achieve

Speakers: Emily Sanderson (Health GAP), Suraj Madoori, Bryn Gay (Treatment Action Group)

11:00 AM       Building Power in Health Care Movements

Moderator: Jennifer Flynn Walker (Center for Popular Democracy)

Speakers: Laura Packard (Health Care Voter), Gregg Gonsalves (Yale School of Public Health), Brendan Kelly (Alliance for Retired Americans)

12:00 PM      Address by Rep. Lloyd Doggett

12:15 PM      LUNCH - Provided

1:15 PM        Using Stories to Advance Your Advocacy

Speakers: Stephanie Aines (Right Care Alliance), Cate Bonacini (Families USA)

2:15 PM         Address by Rep. Ro Khanna

2:45 PM         Power to the People: How We Use Intersectionality and Inclusion to Create Strong Movements

Moderator: Sernah Essien (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines)

Speakers: Ola Ojewumi (ProjectASCEND), Reginald Brown (VOCAL-NY), Jane Dimnwaobi

3:30 PM         Address by Rep. Peter Welch

3:45 PM        BREAK - Coffee and Snacks

4:15 PM        Universal Health Care and Affordable Medicines

Moderator: Rachel DeGolia (Universal Health Care Action Network)

Speakers: Alex Lawson (Social Security Works), Colin Baillio (Health Action New Mexico), Eagan Kemp (Public Citizen), Mark Dudzik (Labor Campaign for Single Payer)

5:45 PM         Day 1 Wrap Up

Day 2

Location: Gewirz Center (MAp), Rm G-12

Thursday June 28, 2018



8:30 AM        Check in/Breakfast

9:00 AM       Address by Sen. Cory Booker

9:15 AM        Address by Sen. Tina Smith

9:30 AM        Address by Rep. Jan Schakowsky

9:45 AM        Perspectives on the Movement for Affordable Medicines

Moderator: Peter Maybarduk (Public Citizen)

Panelists: Laura Marston (Independent Advocate), John Powers, MD (National Physicians Alliance), Meg Jones-Monteiro (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility), Matthew Kavanagh (Georgetown University), Clifton Garmon (VOCAL-NY)

11:15 AM      Breakouts: Taking on the Opposition

-From Patients and Caregivers to Activists: An Inside Look at the Health Care Fight - McDonough Room 200

Moderator: Laura Packard (Health Care Voter)

Panelists: Elena Hung (Little Lobbyists), Ola Ojewumi (ProjectASCEND), Matt Cortland (Accessible Advocacy)

-Pharma in your Back Yard - McDonough Room 201

Moderator: Claire McAndrew (Families USA)

Panelists: Rep. Will Guzzardi (IL-39), Bobbette Bond (UNITE HERE HEALTH), Vinny DeMarco (Maryland Citizen's Health Inititiave)

-Government Funding and Responsibility for Access - McDonough Room 202

Moderator: Steve Knievel (Public Citizen)

Panelists: Stan Dorn (Families USA), Jamie Love (Knowledge Ecology International), Merith Basey (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines), Afton Cissell (Rep. Lloyd Doggett's office)

12:15 PM       LUNCH - Provided

1:00 PM        Building Campaign Strategy to Win

Facilitator: Heather Booth (People's Action)

3:00 PM        BREAK - Coffee and Snacks

3:30 PM        Breakouts: Campaigns and Connections

-Ending HIV/ AIDS & Hep. C through Access to Medicines - McDonough Room 200

Moderator: Mark Hannay (Metro New York Health Care for All)

Speakers: Aaron Lord (ACT UP), Clifton Garmon (VOCAL-NY)

-Insulin 4 All - McDonough Room 201

Moderator: Fran Quigley (People of Faith for Access to Medicines)

Speakers: Elizabeth Pfiester (T1International), Hakeem Adejumo (Nigeria Diabetes Online Community), Hannah Crabtree (Independent Advocate), Marina Tsaplina (THE BETES Organization)

-Overdose Crisis: The Context, The Challenge, The Solutions - McDonough Room 202

Moderator: Sondra Youdelman (People's Action)

Speakers: Perry Hopkins (Maryland Communities United), Kassandra Frederique (Drug Policy Alliance), Daniel Raymond (Harm Reduction Coalition), Charles Khan (Stronger Economy for All)

4:30 PM        Breakouts: Tactics

-Working with Media to Amplify Your Actions - McDonough Room 200

Speaker: Ranit Mishori, MD, MHF (National Physicians Alliance)

-Write On! Using Letters to the Editor to Get Your Point Across - McDonough Room 201

Facilitators: Justin Mendoza, MPH (Public Citizen) and Emily Sanderson (Health GAP)

-A conversation on Faith and Access to Medicine - McDonough Room 202

Facilitators: Meg Olson, Kaitlin Brown (NETWORK Lobby)

-How to Kick Pharma's Ass on Facebook - McDonough Room 203

Facilitators: Sasha Grodsky (Patriotic Millionaires), Lacey Dickenson (Other98)

5:30 PM        Affordable Medicines Now Reception

Join us for a reception at 25 Louisiana Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

Hosted by the Teamsters - - see Walking directions here.


Day 3

Location: Gewirz Center (MAp), Rm G-12

Friday June 29, 2018



8:30 AM        Check-in/Breakfast

9:00 AM       How to Survive Pharma Profiteering - Lessons from Global Struggles for Affordable Medicines

Moderator: Annette Gaudino (Treatment Action Group)

Panelists: Dana Gill (I-Mak), Suraj Madoori (Treatment Action Group), Leonardo Palumbo (MSF Access Campaign), Rachel Cohen (Drugs for Neglected Disease Institute)

10:30 AM      Breakouts

-Using a Town Hall Effectively - Gewirz Room G-12

Facilitators: Paul Davis (Housing Works), Jennifer Flynn Walker (Center for Popular Democracy)

-Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Overview - McDonough Room 200

Facilitator: Alexis Danzig (Rise and Resist)

-It's Easier Than You Think to Fill a Room - McDonough Room 201

Facilitator: Jawanza Williams (VOCAL-NY)

12:30 PM        LUNCH - Provided

1:30 PM         Coming together - wrap up activity and session

Facilitators: Bryn Gay (Treatment Action Group), Sam Corbin (Other98)

3:00 PM         Closing Remarks